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TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic Roofing Systems

The TPO Single Ply

The TPO roofing system is designed for flat and low slope roofs. With a built-in, Ultra Violet protection, it is also one of the most weather-resistant materials on earth. Because it is a polymer, it is a great insulator that also protects buildings from the elements, as it does not conduct sound, electricity, or heat.

TPO keeps buildings cooler in the summer

The TPO roof is slowly replacing the hot asphalt and gravel roofs and for good reason. They are light weight with built-in Ultra Violet protection from the sun rays so they last for years in even the most extreme weather conditions without expanding or contracting.

TPO is also very impact resistant and resilient, making it a prime choice when looking for a roofing systems that will stand up to hail conditions and harsh storms. One of the best benefits of the TPO roofing systems is its seaming technology, one of the most critical area for you roofs long term performance. Thermoplastic roofing materials are joined together by heat welding to produce a permanent bond of extremely high strength.

Most times our TPO roofs can be installed over your existing roof system saving you the cost of removing the old roof and hauling off the debris to the dump. We will have to inspect your existing roof system to be 100% sure we can go over your existing roof, but in most cases we can. Anytime you get a new roof you should concinder adding insulation to help with those heating and cooling cost. Adding insulation either in your attic our under the new roof you will recover your cost in a few years and save on your power bill for many years. Ask about our roof and insulation combo special.

TPO Roof Benefits 

red_check_thick_plain_small A Broad Range Of Application
red_check_thick_plain_small A Proven Track Record Of Performance
red_check_thick_plain_small High Tensile Strength
red_check_thick_plain_small Cool Roofing
red_check_thick_plain_small Built-In, Ultra Violet Protection
red_check_thick_plain_small Reflects The Sun
red_check_thick_plain_small Help Save On Power Bill
red_check_thick_plain_small Can Be Applied Over Existing Roof
red_check_thick_plain_small Last For Years
red_check_thick_plain_small And Others